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Top 10 (Plus 1!) Actors For A Nogiku Series Dream Cast

The Nogiku Series Dream Cast
The Nogiku Series Dream Cast

I don't usually do these Dream Casts. So, I need to put in the disclaimer that all of these actors and actresses are awesome but in no way endorse my books. You should check them all out, though. They are a very talented bunch. If I were in charge of casting a movie version of my books, they would be my first choices! Click through to Google on each of these amazing people and see more about their career and photos of them in other films.

The last three years of writing these books have been so hectic that I have fallen behind in my Japanese movie watching, AND if these books were ever made into movies, the Japanese actors would have to speak a lot of English. I’m going to provide a good dream cast below, and we’ll just pretend everyone could speak enough English to fill the roles!

Kie Kitano (Sanaa)
I love Kie’s look! She has a super sweet and innocent face but I can definitely imagine her angry. She also has the right body structure for Sanaa. I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her.

Kiko Mizuhara (Miko)
Kiko has the right temptress look for Miko. Her face screams, “I will date you and drop you if you’re boring.” Lol.

Saoirse Ronan (Helena)
Helena was the hardest to cast! But Saoirse has the right look for her. She just needs some curly hair, a bright smile, a kimono, and pink lip gloss, then she’s all set to be Sanaa and Miko’s best friend.

Kengo Kora (Jiro)
Kengo is a little on the older side, but he is so fine. I look at him and immediately know he’d make a great Jiro. The great thing about most of these Japanese and Asian actors and actresses is that they ALL look young. So it’s anybody’s guess how old they really are when you see them on screen ;)

Satoshi Tsumabuki (Yoichi)
Originally I thought he’d make a great Jiro, but he’s a better older brother.

Ken Watanabe (Koichi)
I have loved Ken for ages and he’s timeless. He has the right feel and smile to be sweet but tough-as-nails Koichi.

Hiroyuki Sanada (Mark Sakai)
I saw HIroyuki on the TV show REVENGE and just knew he’d make a great Mark. Mark is my first love, even before Jiro. He has to be special. Hiroyuki Sanada fits all of my criteria: dark, mysterious, great smile, handsome in long hair.

Takako Matsu (Aunt Lomo)
Takako has the perfect softer feel for Sanaa’s sweeter aunt. I love her smile.

Kyōko Koizumi (Aunt Kimie)
Kyōko has been acting in Japanese movies for a very long time, and she has a super strong screen presence. I loved her in Tokyo Sonata.

Yoshino Kimura (Mariko)
Mariko was another hard one. I searched and searched before I landed on beautiful Yoshino. She has the sweet smile that we see so much of in REMOVED, but her stern face is perfect for all the sadder moments of RELEASED.

Yūsuke Iseya (Tadao Matsuda)ūsuke+Iseya
Imagine me sitting at my computer and googling “evil Japanese actors”. LOL. Yeah, and then I decided to take another look at the 13 Assassins cast and he hit me over the head. Perfect bone structure! Let’s give him some longer brown hair, and he’s all set to play the villain of REMOVED.

And there you have it! Phew! That was a tough one. It took me three weeks to narrow down this cast. I hope it encourages you to give REMOVED and the rest of the Nogiku Series a shot!

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