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Sunday Update – September 21, 2014

Another crazy week gone by. On Tuesday, I took the kids for their annual wellness checkups AND flu mist AND immunizations all in one day. I'm glad I got that over with, but it was exhausting doing everything in one shot. I made it to the gym, got writing done, managed to go grocery shopping, and then on Friday, it was my 10 year wedding anniversary! My husband stayed home all day and rested. I was… not rested at all after waking up all week at 4am or 5am for no reason. But I pulled it together, and we went out for a lovely all-you-can-eat lobster buffet dinner. The place was swanky and we got a babysitter so we could enjoy our dinner without kids. It was the perfect way to end a crazed week.

Writing on Book 4 continued in earnest and I now have close to 40,000 words written with a fairly clear path for the story. I'm also working on the next installment of REVEALED which I hope to publish at the beginning of October. This will also be free.

I'm working on other things behind the scenes too including a new box set that is now out, and I'll be promoting on the blog tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Honeycrisp apple snack, a beta read, and time spent at the playground.

Enjoying the last summery days.

Gifts from my parents for surviving 10 years of marriage. #instagram365

My parents sent me some nice gifts for my wedding anniversary. That Japanese Mythical Creatures book is really cool. Lots of tattoo ideas ;)

It's our tenth anniversary and KP got me a ring (the new one is on top). Love it! Sparkly #instagram365

My wonderful husband bought me a new ring for our anniversary! My engagement ring is lovely but uncomfortable. It was bought when we were in Florence and got engaged, so we didn't put a whole ton of thought into it. I couldn't wear it for several years because the ridges bit into my skin, and it was white gold too and needs re-plating. It's nice to have a comfortable and pretty ring now. I can't stop looking at it :)

Different Lines progress! 15 stripes knit. Time for the solid black end. #instagram365 #knitting

I've been taking some time to knit now that I'm no longer on a strict writing deadline. Knitting is good for my soul, and the time I spend knitting gives my brain time to process all the ideas I have. I recently became an member, and I'm listening to audiobooks while knitting. Killing two birds with one stone, and all that. This Different Lines shawl is almost complete! I hope to finish it soon.

I hope you had an awesome week! Here's hoping we all have great weeks ahead. xo

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