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Sunday Update – September 07, 2014

As you can see, I don't do Sunday Updates every week. Some times, life and especially holidays get in the way. Last weekend was Labor Day weekend here in the States and we spent it shopping for new appliances for our kitchen, going to the pool, and having my brother and his family over on Monday for grilled fish, food, and fun for the kids. Writing has continued when possible but this week was really hard. Monday was out because of family. Tuesday and Wednesday, we were busy all day and the kids hadn't started school yet. On Thursday, I dealt with the aftermath of the kitchen appliance delivery. Whoever installed our old stove didn't put a gas shut off valve behind it, and I had to call our plumber to take care of it. The kids were in school but because the youngest is only in preschool in the afternoons, this chore took up all my writing time until the evening. I devoted Friday and Saturday to writing and I'm making great progress. I hope!

Yesterday, I took most of the day to do some clean-up work, mainly on my FB Page. I cleared out about 1000 people from my page. Lots of dead weight, fake likes, and people who only liked me because I was running a contest. My FB Page has been a real learning experience for me. First I thought I had figured it out, then FB changed and I lost a bunch of organic reach. Then I quit it in a fit of annoyance, and now I'm back trying to make it work again. Sigh.

I wrote 2288 words yesterday. Today I hope to beat that and more!

Dinner is served. Omg. I can't wait.

Crab dinner after going to see the Fresh Beat Band in Newark.

Appliance shopping! #instagram365

We purchased a new fridge, stove, and range hood!

Last trip to the pool for the summer so we had to get ice cream. #instagram365

Last trip to the pool for the summer so we had to get ice cream.

Happiness is... #instagram365

Since the pool closed and it was still hot out, the kiddie pool had to do!

I have a hot date with @ScrivenerApp and my couch tonight. Be jealous. #instagram365

My Thursday night on the couch. Just me and Scrivener.

S. J. Pajonas