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Sunday Update – August 3, 2014

I missed my Sunday post last week so this one will span a little more than a week. Life has been busy around here and I've been feeling the pressure of an upcoming release. I am constantly on-edge and (sadness) my hair is falling out. Yes. It really is. I run my hand through and huge amounts of hair come away. I wish publishing a book were a little easier. In truth, the production of the actual book — writing, revisions, editing, copy editing, proofreading — are the easy parts. You know what's hard? Actually getting it onto vendors' websites.

I've been trying to publish the second installment of REVEALED for two weeks now to iBooks. They've rejected it three times. Draft2Digital can't seem to hook up all my books on Barnes & Noble so they use the same series name and all sit together. So far, only Amazon and Kobo make it easy to publish. Amazon, though, has ideas of how low I can price my books (can't make it free) and doesn't offer pre-orders. Kobo offers pre-orders and I can make my book any price, but do I have an audience there? I've been there a year, and not yet. Sigh.

This is why my hair is falling out. This is also why I'm considering KDP Select for my next non-Nogiku book. Just be warned. At this point, I fully expect it to happen for the first 90 days of whatever it is that I release.

Amongst the teeth gnashing and crying and hair littering the floor, we have also done other things these past two weeks.

Dinner on the deck. Happy Friday!

We've enjoyed dinner on our new deck.

Our first crop of tomatoes. #instagram365

Picked tomatoes from the garden.

After the day I just had, this is heaven. #instagram365

Read on the couch.

A sea of beanie babies. #instagram365

And the kids swam in an ocean of Beanie Babies.

Up this week, more camp for the kids. More work to be done for REUNITED‘s launch on the 14th including unveiling the Pinterest board for it. Upcoming sales on the Nogiku Series (this is your only warning… I like them to be a surprise). Starting the first draft of Nogiku Book 4!

If you'd like to help me celebrate and promote REUNITED‘s launch, please join the G+ event I have started for it!

S. J. Pajonas