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Sunday Update – July 20, 2014

This was the week of revisions, and so will this next week be the week of revisions. I did revisions in the morning, in the afternoon, poolside, at home, in bed, at night on the couch. There wasn't much else I did! Except host a summer reads blog hop, participate in an awesome FB event, Thirsty 4 Firsties, talk on #NALitChat, and host a sale of FACE TIME. Yeah. I wasn't busy at all…

Wait! That's better. Now with cake.

Tried out the new deck!

Quick trip to the land of Swedes and weirdly named furniture. #ikea #instagram365

Returned something to IKEA.

Today's lunch is greens, imitation crab leg, pasta, and tomatoes with Annie's Goddess dressing. Yum! #food

Made an awesome salad.

Watching sister at tennis camp.

Took C to tennis camp each day and then the pool for D and I where I did revisions.

I hope to be done with revisions on REUNITED by the weekend and then off to first readers! I also hope some people have the time to read and write a review by the time REUNITED goes on sale. I cut it close on this one and learned some good lessons. This experiment forced me to change my game plan for the foreseeable future on all my writing and publishing, but more on that in some other post…

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