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Five Favorite Summertime Places To Read

Who doesn't love reading in the summertime? It's my absolute favorite thing to do, and here are all the places I love to read!

1. THE BEACH – Of course! If I hadn't said the beach you would have questioned my sanity. I don't get to go to the beach all summer like I used to when I lived in Brooklyn, but now, each beach vacation includes sitting in a beach chair and catching up on a great novel on my kindle. It is hands-down, my favorite place to read ever because I am a summer girl. I am comfortable in 80º weather. Always.

2. THE POOL – We have a town pool membership every year so while the kids play in the water, I sit and read. I get the most reading done poolside every summer.

3. THE PLAYGROUND – I have two young kids and when the weather is nice but I'm sick of lugging everything to the pool, we go to the playground. Both kids are old enough to play without constant supervision, so I bring my kindle and park myself for some good reading.

4. THE DECK – This is a new place for me! For years we always hoped to have a deck and finally we had one built this summer. I can't wait to get lounge chairs out there for quality reading time with a beer.

5. THE FRONT PORCH – If I'm reading on the front porch, it usually means the kids are in the kiddie pool or the sprinkler. Really, I spare no opportunity to read :)

Do you have favorite spots to read? I'm sure everyone does!

65 thoughts on “Five Favorite Summertime Places To Read”

  1. I like to read on the deck in the summer, early morning (PA humidity is gross), with cofee!!!!

  2. my favourite summer place to read is my mother’s bed because on the garden part and i vcan open the window and listen to the birds while reading
    thank you for this great giveaway

  3. Being a klutz, I won’t take books near water or sand, nor will I risk my Kindle. I know I will ruin them. So, I will read poolside, as long as I’m not really close to the water and the pool isn’t crowded, so I know the book won’t get splashed. My favorite place to read is either in my bed with my dogs snuggled around me, or on my couch, under a blanket (I like it cool), with my dogs all around. I still manage to spill something occasionally, but usually it’s far away from both books and Kindle. :)

    1. I have taken my kindle to the book and pool and been OK so far! Of course, that day is going to come when a child douses me with water and then I’ll regret it ;)

  4. I love to curl up in the seat in the corner of my room. It gives me the perfect view point, and also the door so I can notice when someone comes in even though I am engrossed in my book.

  5. Wow! I love to read on my balcony. It’s outdoors and sunny AND shaded. Perfect for reading!

  6. My favorite reading spots are:
    – In the garden, underneath the apple tree
    – On my bed when it rains, I love the sound of the raindrops on my skyview window
    – On vacation it’s the poolside or the beach :)


    1. Oh and my favourite spot to read is in the garden by my hedge – shady and cool in the summer heat!

  7. Lately my fav summer reading spot is actually right outside my local library. They have a lovely park like setting with these fun fountains for the kids to jump around in.

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