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Sunday Update – July 6, 2014

Tomorrow is Tanabata! Where has the summer gone? I feel like we're already half way through when summer really only started two weeks ago. Time is flying.

The photo above summarizes last week well. It was our first full week home after vacation, and we filled it with camp, sprinkler, beer, and other good times. I worked on lots of little things including the next installment of REVEALED, blog posts, and catching up on reading and writing. I've written down ideas for Book 4 of the Nogiku Series, ideas for a companion series I have planned, wrote a blurb and some beats for an upcoming New Adult contemporary romance, and made teaser images for REUNITED. I was busy, but why do I always feel like I'm falling behind and it's not enough? The workaholic in me is mad that I take time to relax. I have two very distinct warring inner voices. I wish they would both shut up some days.

Lunchtime reading. Yes I'm using my cookbook holder to hold the iPad. #genius #bookstagram #instagram365

Reading REUNITED and eating at the same. Two birds, one stone, and all that.

Getting closer to being done! I can't wait to have a deck! #instagram365

Our deck is really coming along! It should be done this week.

Happy 4th!!

We celebrated the 4th of July, Independence Day, with sparklers and good fun with our neighbors. Then crashed hard. It was a tiring week.

See you all this week! Lots of posts planned and there'll be a scavenger hunt too! Stay tuned!

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