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Top Ten Bento Box Ideas


Bento boxes are the equivalent of a packed lunch. The boxes themselves come in all shapes and sizes, some with compartments or little plastic lidded containers to hold a multitude of food. Bento boxes can be utilitarian or they can be fun! I’m dying to own a really cute Hello Kitty bento box with matching chopsticks. Collecting bento boxes could easily be an obsession of mine. I really need to stay away from ebay.

In REMOVED, Sanaa is always on the go. The poor thing barely has time to eat much less date or have any kind of life outside of what Mark Sakai has tasked her to do. Sanaa relies on bento boxes for breakfast to get in a quick meal. Her favorite breakfast item is inarizushi which is sushi rice stuffed in a thin fried tofu wrapper that is both salty and sweet. I love these too. I wish I could eat them every morning for breakfast!

In general, a bento lunch will have at least 3 items but most likely more. Noodles or rice, salad, fish or meat, vegetables, dumplings, sushi… The variety is staggering. And a well-prepared meal by mom or a significant other conveys their love to you through food. What’s better than that?


So, to get you started, here are my top ten bento box ideas…

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