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Full Moon Report – Scorpio

Batten down the hatches! It's full moon in Scorpio this month, and the full moon is tonight. Yes, it snuck up on me this month, but I'm not surprised. Scorpio is well-known for its stealthy ways. Are you feeling overly emotional? Are all those emotions coming straight out of your eyes? Yeah, be prepared to cry a lot in the next few days (Or possibly you already have been. Sorry. I should have warned you.) Lots of women describe Full Moon in Scorpio as feeling PMS-y and irritable, and doubly so if you already have these emotions going on.

Scorpio is a turbulent water sign. During this time you may find the ability to control yourself is missing. Overuse of drugs, alcohol, and especially sex are typical. But this time is not all bad! You may find that your intuition and concentration are especially sharp and sitting down to ponder the wonders of the universe will be a very attractive idea today.

My advice? Take it easy. Try not to get in anyone's face or watch any sad movies. Go to bed early tonight and avoid social activities if you can. Ride out this crazy full moon! I know I'll be in bed early. Last night my oldest child (seven years old) cried in bed for two hours for no reason whatsoever. Even she was confused! “I keep laying down and then I start crying!” A cold washcloth on her face and some quiet reading eventually set her right, but that was two hours of work time I needed and was snatched away by the full moon. Full moon gets the finger from me this month.

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