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Teaser Tuesday – Brunch

Brunch is just one of those things about New York. Everyone does it. Everyone either loves or hates it. Everyone has a favorite place to brunch, or they're looking for the next BIG THING in brunch. I'm pretty sure brunch will never die. And when you're out on the town on Friday or Saturday night, the first thing you think of when you're heading home to bed is “Where will we have brunch tomorrow? And what time do I have to get up to have said brunch?” Yeah. It's a New York thing.

Just a few more days until FACE TIME is available! I am really trying not to freak out. Sign-ups are still open for the book blitz, so if you have room on your calendar, I'd love it if you hosted an excerpt!

This is the seventh and last teaser for FACE TIME! Yep, the very last.

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