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Teaser Tuesday – The Journal

Everyone has secrets. Some people keep their secrets in their heads and hearts and don't tell anyone. Others have concrete examples of what they'd like to keep hidden from everyone else. Laura falls into the latter category. She did things in her twenties she's not proud of, not by a long shot, and she has her journal to prove it. Writing about someone who kept a journal was a departure for me. I have never kept one nor wanted to. I figured my thoughts about myself were better left in my head. I've tried to journal in the past and failed after a day or two. It's just not me. But it's fun being an author and getting to explore those traits in others!

(P.S. I wrote this WAY before FROZEN ever came out. Heh.)

Just a week and a half now until FACE TIME is available! I'm getting everything ready for launch, writing guest posts for my book blitz, and trying to stay away from chocolate. Sign-ups are still open for the book blitz, so if you have room on your calendar, I'd love it if you hosted an excerpt!

This is the sixth teaser for FACE TIME! I'll be sharing one each week till launch.

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