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Teaser Tuesday – Empty Apartment

Lee lives in a super swanky, high-rise apartment in one of the hottest, ritziest place in Seoul, Cheongdam-dong. He's successful, he makes a lot of money, but he's never home. He spends some money on nice clothes, but his apartment is empty. No photos on the walls. No nicknacks. No art. Just some plants he's managed to keep alive because his friend, Cori, waters them while he's on the road. You can only imagine how lonely that life is, always in a different city, and when you come home, there's nothing there to make you feel “at home.” Then FaceTime dates with a woman he's interested in change everything. Now Lee's apartment is filled with the sound of her voice, the happiness of her laughter, a few days per week. It only makes saying good-bye at the end of each chat harder.

Come back TOMORROW, April 2, for a FACE TIME Teaser Trailer!

This is the fourth of six teasers for FACE TIME! I'll be sharing one each week till launch.

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