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Teaser Tuesday – The Moment

Everyone has a past and Laura's is more colorful than most. She's tried to date and hasn't had any luck with any of the men she's met. There was one relationship that worked really well until he learned about the past she was hiding and dumped her. It's hard to trust again after something like that happens to you… But then Lee enters her life. He shows her that she's worth it, she's a good person, and she's had harder luck than most. I love this moment during their first kiss. It's a spark of hope that ignites the rest of the storyline.

This is the third of six teasers for FACE TIME! I'll be sharing one each week till launch.

19 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday – The Moment”

  1. Another great teaser :). I think this one might me my favourite so far! I can’t wait to see the next ones, you always make such awesome teasers!

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