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Teaser Tuesday – Cities

When I decided to write FACE TIME and make the main male character an international lawyer who travels the world, I knew I'd have to concentrate on a few cities as place settings for the novel. Lee Park's clients are automobile manufacturers (a nod to my Detroit past) in India and Asia. I'm sure you can guess which car companies I'm referring to though I never mention them by name in the book. I gave Lee a route to work: Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo, Mumbai/Pune, New York, and Detroit. It's a lot of traveling, right?

But when a person like Lee spends whole years away from his home base, he gets lonely. Traveling to cities but working and never really seeing them becomes monotonous and confusing. Where am I? What am I doing here? What timezone am I in again? That kind of life makes dating and finding someone to settle down with extremely difficult. How does he date if he's always in a new city? What if he's not the type of guy to have flings in each city he travels to? The city itself becomes a companion until the right woman sits down next to him at a bar one Thursday evening.

This is the first of six teasers for FACE TIME! I'll be sharing one each week till launch.

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