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January And February Instagram Round-up

I started the #instagram365 project on January 1st and, so far, everything has gone well. I only forgot to take a photo one day in the last two months! A miracle for me when January and February were such downers. I was pretty sick, as I usually am in winter, with three sinus infections, but we still managed to do a lot during these two months. I ate well, finished a knit, organized my yarn and books, got a new computer and updated my website, went on vacation, and watched HAFU which I had been wanting to see for a year.

These next two months, March and April, will be really busy. Prep for FACE TIME‘s publication is in full swing. I have plans for both teaser images and tiny book trailers, and I've booked Lola's Blog Tours for a Book Blitz when FACE TIME is out. March also brings my oldest daughter to SEVEN YEARS OLD. I can hardly believe it. She was just a baby yesterday, I swear. And we have one trip to DC planned for mid-April. Lots to look forward to!

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