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What To Expect In 2014

Looking back at my first post in 2013, I feel humbled by time. I obviously did not achieve the one thing that I thought I really wanted but instead found something totally different. But my life was wrapped in uncertainty then. I was dependent on a bunch other people who weren't as determined as I was to achieve my goal. Now, that I'm at the helm of my own ship, life has purpose and my future is clear. I'm going to publish even more in 2014.

Here are my publishing goals for the year ahead:

  • I'm planning to publish my contemporary romance in late Spring. Right now I'm aiming for a cover reveal in early-to-mid February with a blurb on Goodreads and then I'll get it out to you all by the end of April.
  • I would like to publish Book 3 of the Nogiku Series by mid Summer. Since I've already written three drafts of this and I know what I want to do with my next round of revisions, I think I can shoot for mid July. I'll also do a cover reveal for this one but not sure when.
  • In the late Fall, before Thanksgiving, I am aiming to publish 2 or 4 short stories set in the Nogiku world. Most of these are also already written! I worked on them last year during NaNoWriMo when I thought they would be a companion novella to the series. Now, I'm thinking they will be companion shorts instead.

My writing goals are a little different from my publishing goals because I would like to write a brand-new novel in 2014 as well. Whether it's another book in my Love In The Digital Age collection or the stand-alone New Adult contemporary romance I've had the idea for, I don't know. We'll see which speaks louder to me as the time becomes available.

My personal goals for the year will be:

  • Pick back up on my Japanese language work. I got a subscription to TextFugu, and I would like to do a lesson or two per week once I make it through Season 1 of their lessons (which I'm sure I know well as it's all the basics and I know the basics).
  • Learn Korean. I would like to learn basic phrases and Hangul before the year is out! My quest to become trilingual begins!
  • Instagram 365. Now that I'm back on Instagram for good (remember that I was off for a while? Now I'm back), I'd like to post a photo a day. Join me! Use the tag #instagram365. Normal photos and self-portraits.
  • Knit more. I have so much yarn and so many shawls I'd like to knit.
  • Do not buy yarn unless I'm at Rhinebeck. See previous goal.
  • Advance in yoga. I may have gained weight this year, but I continue to become stronger. My yoga practice has advanced and I'm ready to start attending intermediate classes that challenge me more. My main yoga goal is to achieve a headstand away from the wall.
  • Run more. I picked up running this past year, and I enjoyed it somewhat ;) not a lot but enough. The cardio feels good, and I like running outside when the weather is nice. As soon as there's no ice on the ground, I'll get back out there.
  • Read more. Sometimes my own writing gets in the way of enjoying other people's writing. Goodreads told me that I read 24 books this past year (I read more than that because I beta read for all my critique partners, some times multiple readings) and I'd like to make that 40. I'm setting the goal there. We'll see how I do. My kindle is full of books just waiting to be read!

Cheers everyone! Here's to a happy and successful 2014 for us all!

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S. J. Pajonas