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Who Is Evelyn Dae? You Can Find Out!

I'm so pleased to announce that my friend, Sarah LaFleur, has finally published volume 2 AND a print copy of both volumes together of WHO IS EVELYN DAE? If you haven't read this, you simply must. Sarah, combined with the amazing illustrative talents of her husband, Matthew LaFleur, weaves together a mystery, a romance, and some damned fine storytelling in this work. I can't wait to get my own signed copy! (Sarah, the check's in the mail!) But now the kindle version and print version are both available, so go out there and get these for yourself.

Who is Evelyn Dae? (Paperback Cover)

Evelyn Dae has a secret she wishes she could run away from, and a past she cannot remember. While fishing for clues, she creates diary entries of dream fragments, bits of truth, and wishes that can never come true. In order to protect the secret she’s drowning in, she also devises a set of rules to live by.

But rules are made to be broken, and when it comes to Oliver Knight, Evelyn is in way over her head. Standing on the precipice between land and sea, she's caught in a net of memories. Time is winding down, and she has a single morning to decide her fate.

Who Is Evelyn Dae? Find out in this illustrated tale that mixes diary sketchbook entries with traditional storytelling.

WHO IS EVELYN DAE? By Sarah LaFleur (Illustrated by Matthew LaFleur)
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Or you can check out the eBook versions of both volumes 1 and 2 of WHO IS EVELYN DAE?

Who is Evelyn Dae? Vol 1

Who is Evelyn Dae? Vol 2

Volume 1 Links

Volume 2 Links
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I think it's great that if you buy this, you're supporting a husband and wife team, two talented and creative people collaborating together. I feel like I don't see this very often!

About the Author

_BS_4518Until December 2012, Sarah LaFleur was a working pianist and teacher. In the midst of a career change, she started writing a story. Less than 17 weeks later she completed her first full-length novel currently being shopped around for traditional publication.

Who Is Evelyn Dae? was born when Sarah decided to launch her writing persona (lafleurdeplume) on social media. By early September 2013, she connected with a wonderful community of writers and readers who convinced her to publish the website story as an ebook.

Sarah continues to write, and has several projects in the works including a sequel to her first novel, an adult science fiction book that stands alone, and multiple guest blog spots. She lives in the greater Chicago metropolitan area with her children, husband, cats, and piano.

Twitter: (@lafleurdeplume)
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About the Illustrator

Illustrator Matthew LaFleur plays the role of Evelyn Dae's hand as she draws and muses about her life in her sketchbook. Some of his past clients include Arcade Brewery, Sterling Publishing, American Bar Association, Grainger Industrial Supply, FlatTop Grill, and The Wall Street Journal.

Matthew enjoys doodling with his two daughters and collaborating with his wife near Chicago.

Illustration website:
Twitter: (@DoodleMatt)

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