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RELEASED Cover Reveal!

It's a day I've been waiting for since I started writing RELEASED in October of 2011. Two years later, I get to reveal the cover to all my readers! Yes, it's colorful because the story of RELEASED (Book 2) is colorful as well. This novel opens the door to more characters, a wider plot, and a closer look at Nishikyō as a multicultural city of the future. But RELEASED doesn't end with Nishikyō. It takes you even farther from Earth and sets up the beginning of a grand journey beyond what Sanaa has always dreamed about.

The photo for the cover was taken while I was in Japan in 2005. My husband and I came across these cranes in Ueno Park in Tokyo, and I remember just standing and staring, trying to get a feel for the different papers used for each one. I wish I had snapped even more photos of these auspicious paper birds, and this cover is just one cross-section of a huge wall of cranes they had on display there.

So, here's the cover! The blurb for RELEASED is right below and containers some minor spoilers for those who have not read REMOVED. You have been warned. Check out the giveaway below too!


Left in the desert to recuperate from her injuries, Sanaa Itami paces the floors and contemplates her mistakes. She trusted too easily, and now people she loved are dead, killed at the hands of men coming to assassinate her. Sanaa feels beaten, but life awaits her at home. While her city recovers from the devastating earthquake, negotiations for Sanaa's future continue. New allies must be made, new friendships brokered, new skills acquired — at all costs.

Life at the top of the chain is complicated and lonely, though. With all her friendships rocky and uncertain, Sanaa must learn to trust others again more than she's willing. Who is left holding a grudge? And will the new family Sanaa has found with Jiro support or betray her?

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