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At Izakaya Tanaka

Sanaa has two best friends she's known since she was a kid, Miko and Helena. Miko's family owns an izakaya in Ku 7, the Entertainment Ward, that has been in their family three generations, and it's there at Izakaya Tanaka that Sanaa spends her time with family and friends, eating, drinking, laughing, and socializing. When in need of a place for a date, Izakaya Tanaka is the place to go! The cozy restaurant offers delicious food and drinks and a subdued atmosphere perfect for good conversations and possibly a little makeout session in the back corner booth. It's natural that Sanaa's first date with Jiro is at Izakaya Tanaka, but there's nothing subtle or subdued about the way she's greeted when she walks through the door.

Sanaa's arrival at Izakaya Tanaka

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