Cherry Blossoms In Spring - S. J. Pajonas

Cherry Blossoms In Spring

S. J. Pajonas August 19, 2013
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A teaser image for REMOVED

REMOVED takes place in a domed city, Nishikyō (西京), built by the Japanese a thousand years from now, but the citizens’ connections to nature still thrives in their collected memories. Ancient scrolls, artwork, and textiles remind everyone of their original home in Old Japan. One of Sanaa’s favorite yukata, a summer weight kimono made of cotton, evokes longings for the old days before the Environmental Decline.


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Looking for a kimono or a yukata of your own? I love mine so much! My favorite place to buy kimono and yukata (other than ebay) is Yukata Kimono Sakura Market! I’ve bought many from them and always been really happy.

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