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REMOVED Inspiration On Pinterest

Every writer needs inspiration whether you get it from the world around you, other books, the news, online, etc. Some writers have a physical pin board at home they keep their inspiration on so they can always look at it.

But for me, I don't always write at home, but I do always write on my computer. For the longest time, I've used Tumblr to gather inspiration. I try to fill it with new items once per week and even the very hurried reblogging I do is inspiring! But recently I've wanted to look at all of my photos in one place, so I started a Pinterest board instead for REMOVED.

I've been bringing over some of the photos I've accrued on Tumblr to my Pinterest boards and it's been great to flip through them again.

As each novel in my Nogiku Series comes to publication, I'll reveal each Pinterest board I have associated with it! If you want to keep up, follow my boards! You can find me there at

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S. J. Pajonas