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Proofreading Continues

REMOVED has been in the hands of proofreaders for the past two weeks! I can almost see the end! I got back comments from my first proofreader, aka Mom, and she caught a bunch of things I hadn't on my last read-through. Now I'm awaiting feedback from one other friend, and while I wait, I'm doing one last pass too. Catching all the little things is important to me. It's worth putting in the extra time.

Here's the good news! I'll be offering a limited amount of eARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) late next week on my Facebook author page. If you haven't already liked me there, you should! You'll get exclusive offers through Facebook in the future including coupon codes for my books and others along the way. ARCs will be digital only (Kindle mobi or ePub) and I'll require that you leave a review somewhere online for others to see. Reviews are so important! Most readers won't buy a book by a new author unless they see it's been read by others. I hope you'll all pitch in when the time comes!

I'm composing blog posts for launch week, buying ISBNs, and ordering gifts for my giveaway in September. It's busy busy busy around here.

15 thoughts on “Proofreading Continues”

  1. Good luck with your proofreading! I’m actually waiting on a critique right now, too. Should get it back this afternoon. In the meantime it’s kind of nice to have the excuse to catch up on other things (although, like you, I’ve been reading through my own book as well.) Congrats on your upcoming release, too!

    1. Thank you, Caryn! The last few weeks before publishing are so fun and yet hectic. I’m definitely enjoying myself even if I feel like I never sit still :) I hope your critique comes back quickly!

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