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I Love Spring!

Spring!! Magnolia, Forsythia, Sakura.

I'm not a winter person. I do not like it, not one little bit. I don't like the cold, the snow, the short days, the lack of sunlight, the 17 billion layers of clothing I need to wear to feel warm. I don't like being restricted to the indoors to exercise. I don't like shoveling the sidewalk.

I think you're understanding what I'm saying, right? I obviously live in the wrong part of the world! Or need to win the lottery so I can have one house here and another in Brazil or Australia. That would give me summer all year round!

But the good news is that spring is finally here and I no longer feel the need to research SSRIs. The trees are blooming (so are my allergies), the sun is rising earlier and setting later, and it's warm enough for short sleeves and skirts.

Finally, we're seeing flowers on the trees and in yards. Finally, we're getting thunderstorms instead of snow storms. Finally, my afternoons are bright and sunny again.

You know what this means, right? HOOPING!

Playing with the minis #hooping
Playing with my minis

I've gotten out a few times already and it's been heavenly. I'm very ready to start the lessons I bought at the New Year and learn some new tricks. Just one hour out in the sun with some great music and my hoops makes me happy every single time. Have I inspired anyone else to hoop? Even my oldest daughter wants to try! I need to get her a hoop that's not all bent and broken. Still, she has a great time with it.

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