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8 In 2013: Inspire Yourself To Be More

2013 begins on Tuesday! And as per usual custom, most of planet Earth will make New Year's Resolutions, things they want to do or achieve in the New Year. But what if, instead of vowing to go to the gym more or eat your vegetables or jump out of a plane this year, you decided to do something to inspire yourself to just be a better you? More of you! Everyone has something they wish they were better at or did more of, so let's take that to a whole new level.

The year 2013 has an unlucky ring to it, right? With that number 13 ending a perfectly fine year, I'm sure lots of us think we're in for trouble, but I propose we make it lucky and take on 8 new projects in 2013. The number 8 is extremely lucky in most of the Eastern world. In Chinese culture, it's synonymous with wealth and prosperity. In Japan, the number was considered holy in ancient times and today is considered lucky because its kanji 八 broadens gradually from top to bottom giving the impression of growing prosperity. There are lots of cool and interesting facts about the number 8 on wikipedia if you're interested.

So what 8 projects are you interested in? Here are some ideas for you: travel to 8 new places in 2013; read 8 classic novels; write 8 original stories; paint 8 new paintings; learn 8 new ways of cooking tofu; find 8 new parks you'll take the kids to on the weekends; plan 8 new home improvement projects; run 8 races. Or just choose 8 things you really want to do this year, they don't have to be the same. The list is endless and your imagination is broad so come up with something to inspire yourself in 2013.

What 8 projects will I be tackling in 2013? I'm pretty secure that my writing and exercising will continue in earnest in the new year, so I'd like to get back to knitting, something that has brought me much pleasure and happiness in the past but fell by the wayside when I had kids and started writing novels. I'm challenging myself to knit 8 new shawls in 2013. Knitting inspires me creatively and challenges me but is also a form of relaxation and a way to ease stress and anxiety.

With 8 shawls to plan for, I'm sure I'll have a great time matching yarns to patterns and wearing the fruits of my labors while typing away at my next new novel. I've set up my Ravelry queue to include possibilities for my 8 shawls (I think there are currently 14 shawls in the queue, so I'll have to make choices! Hard!)

Let's hear what you're planning! Leave it in the comments, talk about it on Twitter with the hashtag #8in2013, or on your blog (if you link back here, a trackback link will be posted at the bottom of this entry). I have also started a Flickr Group pool called “8 in 2013” if you'd like to add photos of your projects to the pool.

Ganbatte! Akemashite omedetō! (Good luck and happy new year!)

10 thoughts on “8 In 2013: Inspire Yourself To Be More”

  1. I like this theme of 8 things in 2013.   I’ve been thinking about my goals for the year and this is a great way structure it! I may just join you. 

  2. I’m in! I’ve been feeling weighed down by various stashes and project ideas, so my goal is going to be 8 quilts in 2013. I need the challenge to actually finish things when I start them :) 

  3. Eight Shawls in 2013 sounds lovely, will be looking forward to seeing your progress! Rebooting my blog will be one of my 8 in 2013 – great idea.

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