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One thing about us Capricorns is that we are stubborn. Even when things are really tough, it's my drive for perfection that'll get me up in the morning and through the day. I like to work at things until I'm satisfied either with the results or the dedication of the work. Letting go of my perfectionism when deadlines are approaching is hard, but over the years I've learned to be happy with compromises. It's called “personal growth.”

Life can be pretty hectic though and sometimes you need just one goal to focus on, one goal to achieve before working towards the next one. A lot of people like to-do lists or a calendar of events, one thing after another. I make a decision to dedicate myself to something and then don't quit until it's done. That's why this blog has suffered these last few weeks while I've been sick. I've had lots of great ideas but very little energy to follow through with them because anything I had I channeled into my writing.

Because, I just do not give up. I make strategic decisions on what I can let go of for now and get back to later in order to keep writing. Writing is still the most important thing to me next to my family and health. It helps stretch my brain and keeps me sane, and I love spending time with my characters almost everyday.

The Panera workspace. My "office" space.

So even though my Book 1, REMOVED, is still being read by editors or making the rounds on submissions, I am still writing the long-term story. I don't see any real reason to stop while I wait, and I'm sure that once REMOVED finds a good publishing home, I'll be grateful that I kept going.

I think that I've finally kicked the illness that has plagued me for 5 weeks now. One more day of antibiotics and I should be right as rain and back to my old routine. With the holidays coming up and my husband home for a whole glorious week, I may be able to get caught up here and in the story.

In the meantime, the novel I started writing for NaNoWriMo is growing and becoming a real Book 2.5. I've been exploring the other side of Book 1, reading it in snippets, and determining what happened in the background that culminated in the events that my heroine, Sanaa, observed. It's been fun! And there's still more to go, so I better get back to it.

S. J. Pajonas