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What My Readers Are Saying

I mentioned in my last post that I've had close to 40 people read my first book and a significant number of those people are reading or planning to read Book 2 right now. I'm very fortunate to have a caring and supportive online community. I have my twitter account and the people that I know personally through that account are people that have known me longer than I've been writing these books. In fact, they've all watched me struggle with my story over the past year and have given me the strength to keep going. They are invaluable.

They've also been great beta readers! They provided me with feedback when I needed it and several have read the books multiple times. Here's what they've been saying…

What my readers are saying on Twitter

Wow. Seeing it all together like that is pretty amazing. I know that I actually made Leah cry during the last two chapters of Book 2. An accomplishment I've always hoped to achieve! It's nice to know that my books strike a cord and make people care about the characters. Because, really, characters are everything.

S. J. Pajonas