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Passing The 10,000 Words Milestone

Writing is going really well and today, while out at my favorite starbucks, I passed the 10,000 words milestone. The best part about this milestone is that I feel like the words are endless and that they'll keep on coming. Writing a novel seems to be coming very natural to me this time around.

Blogging on the other hand, not as much. You see, I've done blogging. I did it back in 2004. I did it for years and years. I talked about my life. I talked about knitting (which is still a big passion for me.) Talking about writing? Hmmm, I think that I would just much rather write.

But someday I'm going to want to talk about my book(s). Talk about what it took to make them, how I got to write them, where I want them to go. This is the place I'm going to do it. The layout may change along with the focus, but this works well for now.

So don't be surprised if you don't see much here when you click through from twitter or wherever. I don't really expect to talk much about my process but I will check in from time to time to talk about my progress and how my writing life is going.

S. J. Pajonas