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Sunday Update – May 1, 2016
Everything that happened in the week ending May 1, 2016
SJ Pajonas Five Planets In Retrograde
Five Planets In Retrograde – What Does It Mean?
Five planets are in retrograde for the first time in ten years! Find out what this means for you now and in the months ahead. #astrology
Book Chat #24
WWW: WATCH by Robert J Sawyer, DATING FOR DECADES by Tracy Krimmer, Ruby Lionsdrake, Carysa Locke, and more of the Expanse series! #amreading #audiobooks
SJ Pajonas New Adult Scavenger Hunt
Welcome To The New Adult Scavenger Hunt – Spring 2016!
Play along with the Spring 2016 New Adult Scavenger Hunt! #NewASH

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SJ Pajonas When Nothing Works
Well, folks, remember that blog post I wrote last fall about moving to Amazon exclusively for a while and trying it out? The experiment is over and it was a resounding failure! Who’s not surprised? I’m not! But once again, because I like actual evidence that something is not going to work for me, I’m […]
I’ve been waiting for this day since I dreamed up this series poolside last summer! THE DAYDREAMER DETECTIVE is now available! I’m excited to bring this series to you all. I hope you enjoy your time with Mei, her mom, Yasahiro, and a whole new cast of characters in Chikata, Japan.
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  • NWAW_Logo Northwest Asian Weekly on RICE COOKER REVENGE 21.01.2015

    The idea of a vengeful rice cooker is fun enough as a concept, but Pajonas’ execution and follow-through of the story bring it to life — almost literally. The story will have readers looking at everything around them differently, wondering about the gods living in them and the spirits inhabiting them.

  • Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 355DOY, Mon 12.21.2015   9.27.02 AM Between My Lines on FACE TIME 21.02.2015

    I love the concept of this. I think because their relationship is non physical due to their locations, they get a chance to really get to know each other. Instead of being able to give a reassuring hug, they have to talk issues or problems out in depth and they really get a feel for just who the other person is.

  • 4oyJsBHn-e1437139466937 After Hours at Lilybloombooks on SUMMER HAIKUS 21.03.2015

    Overall — I loved Summer Haikus. Romance, strong friendships & family set in beautiful Japan, it’s the perfect summer romance. Highly recommend!

  • Lolas-Blog-Button Lola’s Reviews on SUMMER HAIKUS 21.04.2015

    This book is exactly what I am looking for in a romance. It had a great story, awesome characters and a setting I fell in love with. The characters were likeable and I liked how Isa her panic attacks were handled, very realistic. It’s a sweet friends to lovers romance, with a few hotter scenes as well. Isa and Masa are just perfect together and I liked those little gestures that showed they really got each other.

  • Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 017DOY, Sat 01.17.2015   9.07.57 PM Amanda from Beautiful Bookish Butterflies on FACE TIME 17.05.2015

    FACE TIME, without a doubt, made it into my favourites list, and I cannot recommend this book more. It’s a beautiful read that you can absorb yourself fully into, and I’m already waiting to see what story Pajonas will provide me with next.

  • sporadicreads-200 Dre from Sporadic Reads on REUNITED 17.06.2015

    Sanaa is proving to be one of my favorite female leads. Not only is she strong, but she’s a damn good fighter. She knows how to do hand-to-hand combat, and she can wield a sword!

  • Lolas-Blog-Button Lola’s Reviews on RELEASED 17.07.2015

    RELEASED was amazing, I fell even more in love with this series and I couldn’t put this book down. I liked where the story went and I liked meeting the new characters and getting to know others better… The ending left me wanting more and the wait for the next book is going to feel really long, because I want book 3 now!